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AFAB demi-femme. Currently still figuring out the whole pronoun-thing. She/her, they/them, ze/zir, and dae/daem are all acceptable for now. Basically anything but he/him and it.

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Fenchurch, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy FIt the Twenty-Sixth, by Douglas Adams

fuck you, snape






what the fuck

this is the scariest shit i’ve ever seen in my life

This is so cool. Eat Otomo Yoshihide’s heart out.

I’m used to associating this sort of heavy creepy distortion type audio as being achieved by internal studio mixing. Picking sections, warping them, reversing, repeating, all that sort of thing done with the board tools and programming suites. I didn’t stop to think that the same sort of effects could be achieved PHYSICALLY by fucking with the playback tools and the storage mediums themelves. It’s incredibly clever, especially when they introduce the cut-apart and reconstructed vinyl platters, it becomes the audio equivalent of cut-paste collaging or magnetic poetry. It takes something as ethereal and insubstantial as music, and makes it as tangible as sculpture.


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mrfrgndrwwhAT TIME IS IT



n. the default expression that your face automatically reverts to when idle—amused, melancholic, pissed off—which occurs when a strong emotion gets buried and forgotten in the psychological laundry of everyday life, leaving you wearing an unintentional vibe of pink or blue or gray, or in rare cases, a tie-dye of sheer madness.

gender feels


Another mermaid


there’s two types of hannibal posts…

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I finally hit 101 followers and just bought myself a bunch of new postcards, so, to reward everyone for putting up with me, I’m going to blatantly rip-off borrow galactichitchiker's idea and do a snail mail giveaway.

Like this post and you could win a postcard from yours truly! It could be funny, scenic, vintage, artistic, historic, weird, geeky, or awkwardly sexual! It may or may not have a goofy doodle on the back!

At the end of the month, I’ll choose winners at random and notify them. At least 2 and as many as 10% 20% of my followers who liked this post will win (i.e. if 9 followers like it, 2 will win; if 40 like it, 8 will win).

Obviously, you must be OK with giving me your mailing address if you win. You should also be over 18 or have a guardian’s permission.

To reiterate: Feel free to like and reblog this all you want, but only followers can win and only likes count.

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"i can’t stand this professor, i’ll just read the lecture notes online while he’s talking" i say as i continue to browse tumblr

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